TD attacks Minister over minimum wage and Government support for Uber

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, clashed with Minister Mary Mitchel O’Connor at a meeting of the Jobs and Enterprise Joint Committee on Thursday.

Deputy Smith rounded on the proposed 10 cent per hour increase in the minimum wage proposed by the Low Pay Commission calling it “embarrassing” and an “insult”. She also told the Minister that the area’s most given to low pay, such as retail and hospitality had experienced large increases in profitability and turnover in recent years, as highlighted by a minority report of the Low Pay Commission.

The minister was also asked to explain why the IDA was supporting companies such as Uber who have a record of usurping labour laws and worker’s rights across the globe. The Taxi App company are embroiled in court cases in a number of countries over their insistence that workers are not employees of their companies but “service suppliers”…

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TDs protest outside minister Ross’s office

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

dub-busA number of Dail deputies including Richard Boyd Barrett and Brid Smith staged a protest outside the Department of Transport Office on Leeson Lane, Leeson Street, today to highlight what they describe as the ministers “astonishing silence and indifference” over the current bus dispute in the capital. 
The deputies were joined by workers from unions representing Dublin Bus workers.
Deputy Smith claimed the minister seemed fond of high profile interventions such as those in the Rio Olympics but seemed untouched by the impact of a mass transport strike in the city. 
Deputy Boyd Barrett added that Minister Ross’s claim that he would not use the government’s chequebook to solve the dispute rang hollow in the light of the Apple tax scandal and the fact that his department had consistently cut the funding to Dublin Bus over recent years. “Whatever about taking the chequebook out if he simply pledged to restore…

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Double standards of government condemned- No tax for Apple, Water taxes for the people

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Right2Water Political Pillar call people to take to the streets on Saturday

The political pillar of Right2Water are urging people to come out on the streets in Dublin this weekend to protest and reiterate their demand  for water charges and Irish water to be abolished. There are blatant double standards in Ireland where rich corporations pay no tax and the people get battered with austerity.

The Right2Water demonstration will take place in Dublin this Saturday. Groups will be meeting in Hueston and Connolly at 2pm to protest against the imposition of water charges and Irish Water.

The demonstration has been called for this Saturday to coincide with the reconvening of the Dáil. The majority of DáIl TD’s, including Fianna Fail, are democratically mandated to get rid of water charges and Irish Water.

The call comes in the wake of submissions to the Expert Water Group by all political parties, groups…

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Bríd Smith TD attacks Government inaction on Sellafield risks

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Brid-Smith-2a-241x300People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, accused the Government and Minister Dennis Naughton of dangerous inaction after recent revelations over the safety of the Sellafield nuclear facility. Deputy Smith said the Minister’s statement that they are seeking a meeting of the “UK-Ireland Contact Group on Radiological Matters” was farcical considering the seriousness of the recent revelations.
Deputy Smith said that recent revelations highlighted by a wistleblower on the BBC’s Panorama program, only confirmed longstanding fears from campaigners about the site. “There is a long history of scares, radioactive leaks, near misses and unsafe practices at this site. The recent revelations confirm the British Government’s own National Audit Office complaint from 2012 about the management of 50 year old storage ponds. We were told then it was being sorted just as we are being reassured now. The Government’s attitude is incomprehensible considering the potential disaster that awaits if a fire…

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People Before Profit make submission to the Expert Water Commission

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Demand complete abolition of Irish Water and water charges; water services and infrastructure to be funded through progressive central taxation

aaa pbpThe Anti-Austerity Alliance- People Before Profit group (AAA-PBP) have entered their submission to the Expert Water Commission.

The submission calls for the abolition of water charges and Irish Water. It says that the funding for water services and infrastructure should be paid for through central progressive taxation, that the delivery of water services should be transferred back to the Local Authorities and coordinated and managed by a single national water and sanitation board. They have also called for a referendum to be held to amend the constitution to guarantee the public ownership of the public water system and natural resources in the constitution.

AAA-PBP said that abolition of the charges and Irish Water should be accompanied by an amnesty for outstanding bills and a refund for those who have paid…

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People Before Profit launch Pro-Choice Repeal the 8th campaign

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Campaign calls for a referendum on the Repeal of the 8th Amendment and for the provision of free, safe and legal abortion to be available in Ireland


Today, People Before Profit launched their Pro-Choice campaign in Buswell’s Hotel. People Before Profit are a pro-choice party who believe that abortion should be available without limitations other than the consent of the woman concerned like for the decision to access any other medical procedure. People Before Profit are calling for a referendum to be held within the next six months on the issue of the 8th Amendment.

People Before Profit will be calling for a full Repeal of the 8th and will be campaigning for the provision of free, safe and legal abortions to be made available in Ireland.

People Before Profit announced a series of events leading up to the moving of the AAA-PBP Bill for a referendum to be held…

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